Policies & Priorities


Airplane landing to airport runway in sunset lightAviation is a highly-regulated industry, and airlines make it a priority to strive for technical excellence to make air travel even safer for the travelling public.

In order to respond to the need for continuous improvements in safety, efficiency and reliability, regulators and industry need to be proactive rather than reactive. AAPA provides a forum to facilitate the exchange of information and for liaising with manufacturers and suppliers on creating optimal technical/commercial solutions. It also helps to develop guidelines and best practices to improve reliability and mitigate maintenance costs.

Key operational issues currently addressed by AAPA are as follows:

  • Air Traffic Management
    AAPA recognizes that effective air traffic management helps global aviation facilitate enhanced airspace design, better traffic flow, and improved access to runways, which will in turn offer operational benefits, including enhanced safety, increased efficiency, reduced emissions, and reduced costs.
  • Infrastructure
    AAPA seeks the continuous improvement of aeronautical infrastructure and services to enhance the operational safety, security, efficiency of Asia Pacific aviation

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