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Andrew Herdman

Director General

Andrew Herdman has held the position of Director General of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) since 2004.

AAPA is the leading trade organisation for international airlines based in the Asia-Pacific region, addressing a wide range of both regional and global policy issues affecting the industry.  AAPA works closely with regulators and other industry associations with the aim of fostering the development of international civil aviation.

Andrew also serves as a Board member of the Air Transport Action Group, a global cross-industry group promoting the sustainable growth of aviation.

Prior to joining the AAPA, Andrew held a number of senior positions with the Swire Group, the parent company of Cathay Pacific Airways, with other diverse interests in aviation, property, beverages, marine services, trading and industrial sectors, predominantly based in the Greater China region.

Andrew spent much of his earlier career in a variety of senior aviation-related roles with Cathay Pacific Airways and its associated companies, including Managing Director, Cathay Pacific Catering Services, Managing Director of Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd (HAECO), Chairman of Xiamen-based TAECO, Cathay Pacific General Manager Cargo, Director and General Manager of ABACUS, and a board member of Worldspan.

Andrew is a graduate of Oxford University, with BA (Hons) and a post-graduate BPhil in management studies.

Martin Robert Eran-Tasker

Technical Director

Mr. Martin Eran-Tasker has held the position of Technical Director of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines since June 2004

In this role Mr. Eran-Tasker leads and represents AAPA on key technical and operational industry issues in the areas of safety, security, environment and operations.

Prior to joining AAPA, Martin held a variety of managerial and engineering positions with the following organisations; International Air Transport Association (IATA), Airbus Industrie, and a number of airlines including British Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines and British Caledonia Airways.

During his career Martin’s responsibilities have included addressing areas in certification, technical, operations, engineering, environment, fuel management, maintenance programme development and airline support functions. His experience also includes international relations, industry-to-government negotiations and the development of various aspects of regional and global aviation policy.

Mr. Eran-Tasker holds a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Hatfield Polytechnic, UK, and is also a Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and a Chartered Engineer with the UK Engineering Council.

Beatrice Lim

Director – Industry & Regulatory Affairs

Beatrice Lim joined the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) in 2005. In this capacity, she represents the interests of the AAPA and its member airlines on a wide range of commercial, aeropolitical, regulatory and other non-technical issues, working closely with member airlines and other aviation industry stakeholders. With her previous experience working in both the public and private sectors of the aviation industry, Beatrice brings a broad knowledge of aviation policy issues and fresh ideas to meet the challenges facing AAPA members today.

Beatrice was previously a Senior Air Transport Manager with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, where her responsibilities included international relations, government-to-government air services negotiations and the development of various aspects of aviation policy. In an earlier role, she was Legal Counsel with Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd, specialising in commercial agreements relating to the company’s aircraft maintenance and support activities in Asia and the United States.

Ms. Lim holds a Bachelor of Law honours degree from the National University of Singapore and was admitted to the Singapore Bar in 1996.

Industry Affairs Department (IAD)

The Industry Affairs Department (IAD) identifies, analyses and closely monitors regulatory, operational and commercial issues that affect member airlines.

IAD actively engages member airlines and external parties including international organisations, governmental agencies, regulatory bodies and industry partners on dynamic industry issues and concerns, including: .

  • Air Transport Liberalisation
  • Emergency Response Planning and Crisis Management
  • Passenger Facilitation
  • Passenger Rights
  • Simplifying and Harmonisation of Regulations
  • Competition Legislation

Reporting to Director – Industry & Regulatory Affairs, the department provides support in preparation of filings to regulatory bodies in response to regulatory and industry developments and also support member airlines’ regulatory implementation activities.

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

Technical Affairs Department (TAD)

The Technical Affairs Department (TAD) represents the interests of member airlines in areas of technical and operational competence.  Organised along the lines of committees and specialist working groups, it provides a forum to identify, discuss and address issues of mutual interest aimed at enhancing cooperation among members and beyond in the region to improve airline safety, reliability, economy and efficiency.  The TAD provides members a communications mechanism to interact with various government and private sector bodies for the benefit of member airlines on matters relating to:

  • Security
  • Flight operations
  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Engineering and maintenance

The committees and specialist working groups under the Technical Affairs purview provide expert guidance to coordinate and oversee the strategic and operational work undertaken in these areas of airline operations.

For more information, please contact:[email protected]

Research and Statistics Department (RSD)

The role of the Research and Statistics Department is to gather data, perform analysis and publish reports highlighting the latest industry trends, focusing on the Asia Pacific region and member airlines of AAPA.

Traffic results, financials, fleet / route statistics, and tourism activities are amongst the list of key industry statistics analysed and reported.

Annually, the Department publishes a comprehensive Statistical Report on markets covered by member airlines, such astraffic indicators and financial performance of the aviation industry. In addition, the Department produces international traffic statistics of member airlines on a monthly basis.

The order form, together with sample contents of Statistical Report and Monthly International Statistics are available for download. For more information, please contact [email protected].