Policies & Priorities


AAPA seeks to enhance cooperation among member airlines to improve airline safety, reliability, efficiency, and provide a platform to influence industry bodies for the benefit of member airlines. AAPA provides a forum to foster and develop relationships between airlines in the region, enabling members to discuss issues related to flight operations and safety, engineering and maintenance, environmental issues and related security matters as well as providing strategic guidance and advice on technically related subjects impacting airlines in the region.

Key operational (technical) issues currently addressed by AAPA are as follows:

  • Engineering and Maintenance
    AAPA is committed to enhancing cooperation amongst members to improve airline safety, reliability, economy and efficiency and to provide a communication mechanism to influence industry bodies in engineering and maintenance matters, recognising that the exchange of information and collective liaison with OEMs and vendors are avenues to achieving best practices resulting in improved cost efficiency and optimum service for member airlines.
  • Regulatory
    AAPA believes that it is in the best interest of aviation industry for regulators to promote harmonisation in the approach, methodology and application of continued airworthiness requirements with those of other regulatory counterparts. AAPA continuously engages regulators to lobby for the alignment of regulatory requirements allowing the affected parties to develop their compliance plans without imposing undue burden – in terms of both safety and economic – on the industry

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